So this hot substitute logged into netflix and I wrote down the email with which he did it and used a service (it cost like $2) to find all other accounts connected to that email and I found his (private) twitter so I made a fake twitter of a hot girl and added a bunch of tweets over the course of a month to make it look legit and then I requested to follow him and he let me and he is the most goddamn boring person in the world

you need to be arrested

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i ended up getting feature points - and its actually really easy to earn points.

for the 0.2% of you who don’t know what feature points is, its basically this app that pays you to download, open, and then delete apps.

you can download the app here:

enter my referral code 34ZTCK to start with 50 bonus points :)

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the best thing that ever happened to me in high school was about 6 years ago our teacher never showed up for class and neither did the sub so one of the guys in the class just got up and started discussing his various theories about the island in lost and started drawing different diagrams on the board and ranting about his fan theories and everybody just went with it and raised their hands for him like he was the teacher and that was the class. 

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don’t tell me that one direction don’t care about their fans when they purchased food and had it sent down to the fans waiting outside their hotel


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Me to the person cutting my hair


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